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Ipercrono is a technological solution for the timing of sport events which take place in hostile condition (landscape or weather conditions).

Ipercrono is entirely developed by Ambiti Limite s.r.l. and is conceived to operate in a dynamic way with the possibility of different setup, in order to provide the best possible performance concerning partial time, updating timing and drafting of final rank.

Our solutions are configurable with different technologies such as GPS Tracker, RFID Tag, Beacon Bluetooth, in addition to manual timing or webcam timing.

Thanks to our experience (Trofeo Mezzalama editions 2013 and 2015, Tour du Rutor 2016) of work in extreme landscape often hostile to IT (bad weather conditions, critical temperature, high altitude, absence of electricity and cellular connection ), we know that during the sport events we have to be able to change the track or move the timing check point or finding ad hoc solutions even by modifying the timing software to solve problems so that at the end of the competition the timing rank of the athletes is correct.  These are the reasons why in Ambiti Limite  we don’t think about standard products but we develop solutions that fit  to the client’s specific  necessities.

Every partial time can be recorded by GPS Tracker (using satellite transmission working everywhere in the world), RFID Tag (maximum timing precision), Beacon Bluetooth (in case of necessity to record the staying or the time of crossing) and it is possible to complete all these technological solutions with manual timing ( double check) as well as the use of webcam video (useful in case of objections).

No matter which technology we use,every check point is able to work independently, also without electricity or cellular connection, recording the time of every athlete and transmitting it (as soon as there is an internet connection, through cellular network, wifi or even satellite connection) to the operating centre, even in fragmentary way. Every device keeps locally  the record  of every single timing so in case of malfunction or serious problems we are always able to recover the data and elaborate the rank in the fastest and best way possible.